About our Ella
Ella Marie Hamilton was loved from the moment we knew her in our hearts.  The nine months Ella spent in-utero with her twin brother, Lennox were beautiful, awful, raw, peaceful, terrifying and full of love.  We spent our pregnancy preparing to welcome our two beautiful babies into the world.  Ella and Lennox had very different paths laid in front of them from the beginning.  While Lennox's future held promises of first laughs and first steps, Ella's future promised only one thing - that she would be held, cherished and loved for every moment of it.  
At 12 weeks, a routine ultrasound revealed that Ella had anencephaly, a neural tube defect in which her skull did not fully form.  We were told that the longest we should expect our baby girl to live was a few hours.  Our hearts shattered and my legs collapsed beneath me in our front yard as we listened to the midwife on the other end of the phone try her best to answer my pleas of "what does this mean!" with something more comforting and less painful than "she can't survive."
I would lie in bed and watch them move, trying to memorize every tiny feeling.  I would ache for Lennox that his sister, who formed with him, who grew with him into the beautiful babies they would be, would not continue this Earthly journey with him.  I would ache for my husband that he had to spend this nine months without being able to carry them everywhere, to spend every single moment with them.  And I would ache for myself that I had to give up my beautiful Angel.  To say I worried that I wouldn't be able to love Lennox is an understatement.  I was terrified.  I didn't think that when they were born it would be possible for me to be so full of happiness and grief all at once.  I was so wrong.
The babies were born via C-section on December 16, 2015.  From the moment they entered the world, it has been more beautiful.  Ella defied the odds that were against her and spent three and a half of the most beautiful days I've ever known with us.  She Ate, she smiled, and two days after she and Lennox were born, we all came home.  As a family.
Ella continues to bless our lives in so many ways as we learn to honor each other's grief process and love each other - and ourselves - through our bad days.  We are seeing more good days as we watch Lennox grow, laugh and play.  Ella is very much still with us; her presence shines into our lives daily.  We know very deeply that Ella has touched the lives of so many people.  It is my purpose to see that she continues to inspire people and to bring hope, faith and love to those who need it.
If love could have saved our little girl, she would have lived forever.