Handmade Natural Soap on a Mission
It is my purpose to see that Ella continues to inspire people and to bring hope, faith and love to those who need it.

As I approach year three without Ella, I find that December once again has brought great joy and great sadness and once again, they coexist in a way that is so delicate and so complex that I still find that words fall short of describing it.  
I am changed.  There is a time before Ella and a time since Ella.  Those days each year that are the days she was with us are so sacred.  And so few.
My grief is a part of who I am.  I am the sister, the friend, the daughter, the wife and the mother that I am because I carried her, I held her, and because she lives in me.  I carry her forward still and there is not a moment in my life that I am not acutely aware of her absence. It is painful and at times it feels like a boulder on my chest, but it is no longer lonely.  I can no longer find loneliness in my grief. Instead I find Brad. I find my mom, my dad and my sister. I find Lennox and Iris. And I come here and I find all of you. Thank you for all of your kindness.  Thank you for sharing her with me.

I have met many other loss parents this year.  I am grateful for each of them and I am proud of their determination, their vulnerability and their courage.  Each of them has helped me just by taking their next breath, but many have done so much more. I wrote this past fall that the platform of Ella’s Soapbox does not belong to me and with love, I have asked to share their babies and their stories.  The first four are ready for the world.
I would like to share with you Clive, Winnie, Rebecca and Faith.

Ella's Soapbox Events

Saturday, September 29 - Baroda Farmers Market

Saturday, Oct 20- Mitten Made Makers Market ​

Saturday, Nov 3- Fernwood Botanical Garden

Sat,Sun, Nov 17,18 - Washington St. Holiday Market

Saturday, Nov 24 - Holiday Makers Market at the Box

Sat, Dec 8 - Vegan Michiana - Vegan Holiday Market

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message; we love what we do and we'd love to talk to you about it!